The Trans-Siberian railway is a journey that I dreamt of completing for a long time. To me, it embodied the ultimate adventure, crossing a vast and mysterious continent without the comfort and efficiency of most modern day travel. Once my route was laid out, my initial plan was to take as much footage of the trip as I could to eventually compile some kind of documentary. In reality, however, once I was actually there, very often I preferred to set the camera aside, immerse myself in my surroundings and get to know people without the barrier of the lens. I didn’t feel entirely comfortable pointing the camera at people without getting to know them first, and the video only features people who I had actually built some sort of relationship with. Now that I’ve returned, I feel it would be great to have more footage to play with, but I’m content with the fact that I saw these scenes primarily with my own eyes rather than solely through a lens. This video is a short compilation of a few of the scenes I witnessed from Moscow to Mongolia to China, ending in Nepal.

Photos below.